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Bin Rental Wellandport
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A Little History About Wellandport

Wellandport is located along the banks of the Welland River, as known as the Chippawa River and the junction of Camboro Road. Wellandport was originally called The Narrows because of the near piece of land that separated the Welland River from Beaver Creek. Welland was found as early as 1795 and by 1800 it was already established as a community. The Welland River played a huge role in the development of the town. As the forests were cleared the timber was hauled away to various mills located along the banks.

Bin Rental Wellandport

Here at K.A.L.L Bin Services we’ve been servicing Wellandport since 2014. We offer very competitive pricing compared to all of our competitors. The bin sizes we offer in Wellandport are 6 yard bins, 14 yard bins and 20 yard bins. Our 14 yard and 20 yard bins are perfect for Household garbage, Construction Demolition Material, Renovation Material, Yard Waste, Shingles and Roofing Material. Our 6 Yard Bins are perfect for removal of Dirt, Clean Fill, Concrete, Rubble and Bricks. All of our bins have double barn doors so you can walk right inside for easy loading and come equipped with driveway friendly rollers and wood boards to make sure your driveway stays protected.

How to Load the Bin

When loading the Bin we recommend that you take your time to strategize the placement of the items to make sure all you garbage fits. We recommend loading all the heavier items towards the front of the bin so the weight inside the bin gets distributed evenly. When you are almost done filling up the bin make sure to leave enough room so the double barn doors close properly and also to make sure nothing is sticking up past the top of the bin. Nothing shall be sticking up past our “FILL LINE” stickers that are placed on both sides of the bin and on the back of the bin. Result of an overloaded bin may mean that the driver will be unable to take the bin away in a safe manner and will leave the bin on site until its loaded properly and safely to be taken away. This would result in a $75.00 fee.

Our Bin Rental Process

For more information about our Bin Rental Process and Pricing please visit Our Bins Page or Request a Bin.

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