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Scrap Metal
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Free Scrap Metal Drop Off in Hamilton

Here at KALL Bin Services we are now recycling scrap metal. We accept the following materials such as Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Appliances, Electronics, Wire, Mechanical Parts and much more. Don’t pay to get rid of your scrap metal, we will take it for free. We are accepting free scrap metal drop off at our yard and also free pick up of your scrap metal. If you are in need of a bin for your scrap metal please call our office and so we can arrange the size and delivery of the bin.

We are now recycling tires as well. We are offering free tire drop off at our yard. All your used and unwanted tires are accepted. The types of tires we accept are car tires, bicycle tires, truck tires, heavy equipment tires and more.

Items We Take

Copper | Brass | Aluminum | Stainless Steel | All Steel | Appliances | Electronics | Mixed Wire | Heavy Metal | Tires

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